xZenue Firmware

The xZenue Firmware package allows firmware to be developed for a supported architecture at a rapid pace. With the provided SDK users can develop applications and libraries for any system running xZenue. 

Our firmware can rapidly be ported to new devices with the additions of simple board support drivers using our DDK.

xZenue SDK

The Software Development Kit provides tools needed to interface with xZenue APIs. The SDK includes a toolkit supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac development. Additionally, a simulator package is included to allow module testing and development using the native compiler and development tools. Various features include:

  • Filesystem Support
  • Device Information and Notifications
  • I/O Interfaces (GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, etc)
  • Graphics
  • Block Device Support
  • Module Support

xZenue DDK

Our Device Development Kit enables the creation of custom firmware for a specific device. A simple configuration tool allows for individual features to be enabled, disabled, or compiled as a runtime-loadable module.

xZenue Development Boards

Development boards are available for the ST's STM32F and TI's Cortex A8 series of embedded processors. All development boards include a preconfigured base firmware package with loadable module support via a FatFS formatted memory card. The SDK can be used to develop applications and drivers to be loaded by the onboard firmware. The included usb JTAG and UART interfaces can also be used to debug code running on these boards.

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